Friday, March 17, 2006

'puters - meh.

New 'puter's pulling a hissy fit on me and not booting through to windows. Much unplugging, re-plugging, and finally a total reboot back to starting setup all under the instruction of some gentleman from the Sub-Continent. Bah. Whole morning gone. Funny thing is it worked more reliably if you turned off the mains first before turning it on again - surely that's a) not normal, and b) unlikely to be a software issue...? I've turned back to the old one as an old and trusted friend - albeit I have to sit a little closer to its smaller screen...


  1. Hi Alf,
    so you didn't buy a mac then?


  2. Hi Alf,
    If you can, try looking at the Power Management in the Control Panel, sound like some part of your hardware is not waking up correctly.
    Check for things such as Standby Mode, Hard Disks Power down etc. try different settings, as few power saving options as possible see if it behaves better.

  3. Andy, it briefly crossed my mind, but it seemed to be a recipe for trouble when all my stuff is PC-orientated. The devil you know, I suppose...

    Chas, thanks, I'll give that a try. It's rather more information than I've had from the "expert". Bizarrely it was the speakers that deided not to work this am, solved by switching off the mains and starting up again. Makes no sense to me at all.

  4. In that case, how are you with opening up the case and checking all the boards are secure in their slots and connections pushed right home. (hope your guarantee does not prohibit this)

    Sometimes things go adrift in transit.

    Have you made sure that all software updates have been applied; I know this can be a pain if you are on wet string. (can't remember if you are BB)
    Could be that Hissy Fit is due to indigestion brought on by unpalatable mix of the binary menu presented as starters.


  5. Have you checked the switch on the back of the power supply and made sure it is on the correct voltage?
    Is it plugged into a UPS or other line conditioner? The newer computers are much more picky about the quality of electric power.


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